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Green Roof

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The Building Envelope page discusses the importance of a high-performing building envelope and includes a video commenting on the use of the green roof.

We’ve installed a green roof between the main house and the garage. As well as being nice to look at, it provides a stable thermal mass that performs to a similar level as a concrete slab.

It’s extremely important to have a good membrane product between the soil and timber to stop moisture getting into the wood. We’ve chosen to use the Enviroclad product from Viking Roofspec due to its performance and material benefits:

  • It is extremely watertight – it’s even used in ponds to contain water.
  • Joins are heat-welded which eliminates the need for oil-based lap tapes and primers.
  • It is puncture resistant to a level that rivals bituminous membranes, but isn’t made from bitumen so is 100% recyclable.

It's also well-tested, having been installed in over 800 projects throughout New Zealand.


The membrane used in the green roof is the Enviroclad product from Viking Roofspec.

It's an extremely watertight membrane, which protects the timber from moisture in the soil.

It's a non-bituminous, recyclable product and seams are heat welded which means we can keep oil-based joiners out of the soil.