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Water System

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The Rainwater Collection, Taps & Showers, and Greywater Recycling pages look at the efficiency measures implemented in the supply, use, and disposal of water.

The Solar Water Heating page details the panels and pumps used.

The Water Performance page will present analysis and feeds from sensors that show how the water systems are performing.

While our main focus has been on achieving Zero Energy, other goals have also influenced the design and construction of the house.

Water usage minimisation is one of those. As well as being environmentally responsible it plays a significant role in the efficient operation of a home.

The average Auckland household spends around $660 a year on water1, which equates to $16,500 over a standard 25-year mortgage term.

Water can be thought of as an end-to-end system for a home, from when it first enters the property, till when it leaves. This provides opportunities across the supply, distribution, demand, and disposal of water to conserve use and reduce cost.

On top of that, water usage has direct impacts on energy consumption within a home, which means it’s closely linked to our Zero Energy goal.

In the water video we talk about the rainwater tank, Methven low-flow fittings, and Grundfos pumps, and greywater recycling unit.


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