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Recycled Timber

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The Materials Selection page describes our selection of materials healthy for ourselves and the environment, and includes a video featuring the low-VOC paint.

We've tried to use as much recycled material as possible within the home, to reduce impacts of unnecessary manufacturing. Some of the recycled timber products also come with a story that adds another dimension to the home. For example:

  • The support beams are made from recycled beams off Shay's Dad's catamaran. It took a lot of effort to prepare these for use in the home, but they look fantastic.
  • The upstairs timber floor is made from recycled rimu flooring found on TradeMe.
  • The kitchen bench has been made from recycled decking timber.
  • The kitchen cabinetry will be made from recycled kauri from an old Auckland pub.
  • The stairs have been made from recycled rimu.

Over time we'll add images to this page showing the recycled timber with before and after shots. For now, the gallery below shows the process of preparing the boat beams for use in the house. Beneath the gallery is a timelapse showing the first stages of beam preparation.

Click to view a time-lapse of preparation of the recycled boat beams.