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Project Schedule

Shay Brazier

It has been a busy couple of weeks since we launched the Zero Energy House (Z.E.H.) website. A big thanks to those that have taken the time to give us feedback on the content and usability of the site.

As we progress with the design and build of our Z.E.H. we are very keen for people to follow the project. To help you all understand where we are at we have added a Project Schedule page .

The image below shows the proposed time line. Currently we are in the developed design phase.

Project Plan.jpg

Project Schedule

We have a very long list of things to look at over the coming weeks. Some of the key items are:

  • Wall, roof and foundation construction details and materials
  • Solar system mounting and integration
  • Finalising insulation levels and window specifications
  • Identifying sources of low impact materials
  • Rain water and grey water systems


Also added in the last week is an Image Gallery, where we will be updating the plans as they evolve and adding pictures (once we have something physical to take pictures of). In the gallery at this stage are the floor plans and elevations of the building at the end of the preliminary design stage.


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